Tips to Get Started on Voice Search and Local SEO

The most used function in modern technology is “search” function.  Search has evolved over the years and voice search has gained prominence. At present over a billion voice searches happen during a month. Among the searches, 40% of mobile searches are local searches. The usage of voice search with local content calls for optimizing the website using local SEO techniques. Albuquerque SEO firms have the expertise to optimize your websites using both voice search and local SEO.

The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning has increased the accuracy of voice search. Due to convenience and improved accuracy, people would like to use voice search more often to find answers to their questions.

Due to the changing scenario, you need to change your strategy to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Following tips can help you optimize the website to rank higher in voice search.

Local Keywords

To ensure that your website is optimized for voice search, you need to focus on local and long-tailed keywords. Albuquerque SEO Company can help you identify the right keywords. The recent research on keywords shows that more than 70 percent of searches are based on long-tailed keywords.

You need to add geo-local indicators to enable search engines to rank your website higher. In order to find the best keywords, you may follow these steps:

  • Run queries with main keywords in any keyword research tool along with your business geographical indicator
  • List the keywords which are longer than three words
  • Arrange them based on volume
  • Find the top keywords based on volume and competitiveness

Micro Moments

You can nudge buyer through micro-moments using questions. This can be achieved with question form keywords like I want to know, buy, do, go etc.

Be Quick

To be quick you have to optimize your website to offer answers quickly to the questions posed by the buyer. You can use tools like, Google auto-suggest, answer the public to find the type of questions buyers are asking about your products.

Know the Context

To get Google to rank your answers higher, you have to make content clear to Google’s algorithm. It can be done by:

  • Proper Google business listing, completing your profile correctly and categorizing your business right
  • Building local business citations
  • Listing on the major business directories
  • Using LSI keywords

In order to become visible in the digital marketing space, you have to use keywords properly. You have to tie local Albuquerque SEO and voice search together to get your client’s websites more visible. Follow the above guidelines to get the edge over your competition.

Though the above steps look simple, it is not easy to implement them practically. SEO Albuquerque professionals can implement following all the above steps and more to ensure you succeed in the digital marketing space. Don’t hesitate to take help from professionals as it saves you time and money.

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